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Simplified A/V research, purchase & set-up

Let's face it—in this brave new world of home entertainment, there's just too much impenetrable technology, too many brands, too much complicated set-up for the average, mildly interested consumer to navigate with any real sense of confidence.


Whether you're looking to install a projector or wall-mounted flat panel, a soundbar or audio separates, in-wall/ceiling or floor-standing speakers, let Empirical guide you through the process. We offer any (or all) of the following:



  • In-home evaluation of viewing/listening environment (including outdoors) to determine equipment best suited to your needs and budget

  • Advice on upgrading existing A/V gear

  • Recommendations to improve the viewing/listening environment


  • TV/projector mounting (if necessary)

  • TV/projector/AVR connection to all relevant peripherals

  • Speaker/subwoofer wiring

  • Soundbar installation & mounting (if needed), connection, set-up and optimization

  • Cable/cord management

  • Initial set-up, including internet connection, firmware update (if necessary) and input assignment

  • Video—Select picture option for best out-of-the -box performance, turn off nonsense enhancements

  • Audio—Run provided audio setup software (Audyssey, YPAO, MCACC, etc.) to measure room acoustics and calibrate speakers/subwoofer accordingly; bluetooth/Airplay activation

  • Universal remote programming (if applicable)

  • Written instructions (upon request)

Personal Shopper Services

  • Compare and contrast brick-and-mortar and internet outlets to find best value

  • Spearhead the purchase and delivery of all products needed for particular job, from TVs to blu-ray players, speakers to cables and mounts to remotes


  • Evaluate current internet set-up/coverage

  • Recommend/install/set-up/optimize Mesh network for better WiFi.

  • App tutorial

  • Determine best course for security monitoring (doorbell cam, outside cams, motion-sensitive lights, window/door contact sensors, motion detectors, glass break sensors, fire/CO2 monitors, etc.)

  • Provide budget-sensitive solutions focused on ease-of-use


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