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AV within scope, without price gouging

Capitalism at its finest—bring in an AV vendor to quote your project and receive a proposal specing the most expensive, most complicated gear, stretching your budget to the brink.


The reason why? Larger AV vendors need certain revenue minimums for a job to make sense. How else to pay for that fleet of trucks, huge retail space and scores of employees?


Empirical operates differently. We pride ourselves on solutions that make the best sense rather than ones that line our pockets. Profit is never the priority. Offering our clients unique, affordable, out-of-the-box solutions is. 

Zoned/Distributed Audio

  • Evaluation of listening environment to determine solution/equipment (zoned, 6-/8-ohm vs. 70V distributed) best suited to needs and budget

  • Installation, set-up, optimization, instruction


  • Determine best TV option (matrix switching vs. local) 

  • Wall/ceiling mounting, set-up, optimization, instruction

  • Connection to audio system

  • Projection options of bright/dark environment


  • Indoor/outdoor camera systems (analog or IP) installation, 

  • NVR/DVR set-up​, optimization, instruction

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