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Ensuring TV & Projector Image Integrity


With each new video device purchased, we have unwittingly trained our eyes to think a good image is both face-meltingly bright and exploding with cartoonish color. Why? Because most of us are content to leave the picture mode set to its out-of-the-box default, something like "standard" or, worse, "vivid."

Even those few brave souls daring enough to experiment with, say, the "movie" or "custom" modes (or even go so far as to pull some suggested settings from the internet) are still a long way from a truly accurate picture, one representative of the artist's intentions.

The good news is, a professional calibration, one made with sensitive hardware, specialized software and some good old THX know-how, can bring your device in line with the standards laid out by the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers (SMPTE).


In other words, we can make your picture actually deliver on that famous 1,000-word boast.​


  • Pre-Calibration measurements:

    • Record picture mode/settings

    • Test grayscale, gamma, color gamut and saturations

  • Usable Dynamic Range adjustments:

    • Brightness (black level)

    • Contrast (white level)

    • Backlight (~35 fL dark room, ~45fL light room)

    • 2-pt./10-pt./20-pt. greyscale (white balance)

    • D65 color temperature (neutral shade of white)

    • Gamma (2.4 dark room, 2.2 light room)

  • Color Management adjustments:

    • Luminance/saturation/hue of RGB (red, green, blue) and CMY (cyan, magenta, yellow)

  • Resolution:

    • 1:1 pixel ratio

    • Sharpness

  • Final PDF report; Excel file with post-calibration settings

HDR Capabilities

  • HDR 10 & Dolby Vision


TV Picture Controls


  • JETI 1501 spectroradiometer (Optical bandwidth: 4.5 nm)

  • Calibrite ColorChecker Display+ colorimeter

  • Calman Video Pro Color Calibration Software

  • Murideo Six-G 8K test pattern generator (4K & HDR)

  • Masciola UHD/HDR Test Pattern 4K Blu-ray

Murideo Six-G test pattern generator (4K & HDR)
Masciola UHD/HDR Test Pattern 4K Blu-ray
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