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Since first laying eyes on the General Cinema Feature Presentation bumper in a darkened theater back in the 70s, I've been captivated by movies. Beyond the medium's narrative elements, I was taken by its technical presentation, of sight and sound combining to create a larger-than-life experience.


Unfortunately, this passion brought with it some baggage: sensitivity to anything even slightly wrong with the picture or soundtrack. Soft focus? Weak dynamic range? Before you could say "Snowcaps" I'd be up and out of my seat looking for the manager.


For me, an impeccable presentation always has been paramount. So when technologies became available for the home to deliver a theater-like experience, not only did I empty my pockets on the latest — from CRT to OLED, from Dolby Pro Logic to Dolby Atmos, from VHS to UHD Blu-ray — I also started fretting over how it looked and sounded. Was it as good as advertised?


Out came the measurement tools: Radio Shack sound level meters, TV calibration disks, receiver-based acoustical room correction software, and, most radically, THX Professional Video Calibrator certification via the industry's most rigorous training program. Anything to ensure the best.


Yeah, I'm one of those annoying guys always fiddling with the remote.

Luckily, my obsession is your gain.

Denon Audyssey microphone
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