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In terms of home entertainment, we live in exciting times.


Advanced picture and sound formats, once exclusive to state-of-the-art movie theaters, are both available and affordable for the home.

The one unfortunate side effect of this unprecedented surge in A/V quality? A sudden confusion of technologies: OLED vs. QLED; HDR10 vs. Dolby Vision; Sonos vs. Dolby Atmos; separates vs. soundbars—choosing the best  gear for your budget and room can be as daunting as an AP physics exam.


Let Empirical AV help you navigate the complicated tech, countless brands and challenging set-up. From research to purchase, from installation to optimization, we won't just find the best gear for your A/V needs, we'll find it at the best prices.


Empirical offers:


  • Room- and budget-specific A/V consultation (both indoor & outdoor projects, including backyard theaters)

  • Personal shopper services

  • Video and audio installation, cabling, wire  management, set-up & optimization

  • THX® Certified TV/projector calibration to SMPTE standards

  • Universal remote recommendation/programming

  • Smart home proficiency, including Ring, Eero and Nest


Why not hand the proverbial remote to someone with a finger on the pulse of the ever-changing consumer A/V industry?

65" OLED TV with Denon AVR and 5.1 Atmos Surround Sound
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