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Let Empirical AV help you navigate the complicated tech, countless brands and challenging set-up/optimization of consumer and retail AV.


From research to purchase, from installation to optimization, we won't just find the best gear for your A/V needs, we'll find it at the best prices.


Empirical offers:


  • Room/budget-specific A/V consultation (indoor & outdoor)

  • Video and audio installation, cabling, wire management, set-up & optimization

  • THX® Certified TV/projector calibration to SMPTE standards

  • Wi-Fi mesh internet and security camera implementation (Ring, Eero, Nest, Lorex, etc.)


Why not hand the proverbial remote to someone with a finger on the pulse of the ever-changing consumer and retail A/V space?

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65" OLED TV with Denon AVR and 5.1 Atmos Surround Sound
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